Cost Savings

Refacing can typically be one third to half of the price of new custom-built cabinets. 

The reason is that you already own half of your kitchen and often those cabinets were built to stand the test of time. Refacing cabinets that are already in place is much less invasive. You don’t necessarily have to replace your counter top, back splash, or flooring. You also won’t have to repair the damage that commonly occurs when removing the existing cabinets.  At Kitchens by Katie we will help you to create the kitchen of your dreams using a plan specifically designed to meet your needs and will do our best to make it affordable and quick. There is no one plan fits all at Kitchens by Katie because the plan needs to fit your need and still be a great value in your home.

Quality Assurance

If you go to big box store the price of the cabinets may be less cost upfront, but the quality of cabinet is typically cheap, light-weight, and weak.  The satisfaction guarantee is rarely there and the quality of installation is often poor.  The cost for remodeling a kitchen can vary for many reasons.  The choice of door style, wood, and finish can impact the cost.  The more elaborate the door style, the more it costs to make.  Oak and Hickory are less costly than Maple or Cherry.  Adding accessories like spice inserts, recycling bins, and other “extras” will also add to the overall cost of a project.

Reface Vs. Replacement

When replacing cabinets there is often the need for drywall repair, plumbing alterations, changes to electric and flooring..  You will also have to replace your existing counter top.  Replacing is also much more time consuming and there are usually many individuals involved in the process: designers, contractors, electricians, plumbers, installers, etc.  When you reface with Kitchens By Katie we can update your kitchen in as little as 3-5 days.

Save Time and Money

Our installers and sales people are trained to provide you with the best customer experience you can find.  We can update your kitchen in as little as 3-5 days!  Let Kitchens By Katie save you time and money when it comes to remodeling your kitchen. Contact us for a free in-home estimate.  We guarantee you’ll be happy!